“a brewer who makes bad beer or pours an unjust measure shall be punished; his beer shall be destroyed or distributed at no charge among the poor.”

-Emperor Frederick I

Emperor Frederick I came to power in the middle of the twelfth century A.D., during a time of great upheaval in the brewing world in Bavaria. It was he who was responsible for the first recorded quality law for beer.
Using only traditional ingredients, our Bavarian-style hefeweizen pays homage to the centuries-old brewing tradition in Bavaria. Utilizing 64% wheat malt in our grain bill, a traditional weissbier yeast, and a high fermentation temperature gives this beer a bready, fruity and complex character. Notes of banana, clove, and freshly baked bread caress the palate with an effervescent body that leads to a clean and dry finish.

Availability: Spring

Vital Statistics:

OG: 13.5 degrees Plato

ABV: 5.9%

Malts: Wheat malt, 2-row, Dextrine malt

Hops: Warrior, East Kent Goldings, Tettnang

IBU: 23