Warrior Heart IPA

“Thou dost cheapen thy name, and that of thy father, by thy endless parading: art not an ardent warrior, but art a knave; a true warrior shews himself not by so many feats of valor, but shews himself by that part of him from whence valor pours forth: from his own heart.”

Brewed as the West-Coast style compliment to Sacred Heart IPA, Warrior Heart uses fully twice the bittering hops as Sacred Heart and is mashed at a lower temperature and brewed with the addition of invert sugar, causing it to finish fermentation as a much drier and more bitter beer. Multiple late and dry hop additions of Warrior and Centennial give it an immensely grapefruity, piney and dank hop character.

Sacred Heart is for those that would like to have several in a session; Warrior Heart is for those that prefer their palate to be ruined after a few sips. Hopheads enjoy.

Vital statistics:

OG: 18 degrees Plato

ABV: 7.2%

Malts: American Two-Row, German Vienna, Dextrine Malt, Crystal 60

Other Fermentables: Invert Sugar

Hops: Warrior, Centennial, Belma

IBU: 98