Sacred Heart IPA

Sacred Heart Painting

“Rebels are we,
though heavy our hearts shall always be…
and no ball or chain, no prison shall keep;
we’re the Rebels of the Sacred Heart.”

–Flogging Molly


Sacred Heart IPA pays homage to the past while redefining the future. Though classed as an East Coast IPA, it is both balanced and bitter, both tropical and satisfying. Featuring late additions of a brand-new hop, Belma, from Puterbaugh Farms, that gives a massive pineapple and tropical character, Sacred Heart is then double dry hopped with Zythos and Centennial for a huge, juicy hop flavor that will satisfy the most hardcore of hopheads while maintaining an approachability that even a new craft beer drinker can enjoy.

A six-step mash lends a ridiculously complex malt backdrop to the main event: the hops. The glorious Tiger Flower that none of us can get enough of. With a clean and dry finish, Sacred Heart will leave you wanting to sip, just once more…


Vital statistics:

OG: 18 degrees Plato

ABV: 7.2%

Malts: American Two-Row, German Vienna, Dextrine Malt, Crystal 60

Hops: Warrior, Belma, Centennial, Zythos

IBU: 75