The prevailing trend of late in the beer world has been to release “seasonal” beers sooner, ever sooner… most “Oktoberfest” Marzens being released in July or earlier. In adamant and flagrant disregard, even hostility towards this trend, we release Novemberfest in November… (and potentially again in March)
This Marzen-style lager is nestled between a traditional Marzen and a German “festbier.” Slightly more golden in hue and with a lighter body than many Marzen style lagers, our Novemberfest still boasts a huge nutty malt profile, a bright German hop character, and a drinkability that is unmatched in the style. Prost!

Vital statistics:

OG: 14 degrees Plato

ABV: 5.5%

Malts: Two-Row, Vienna, Munich, Aromatic, Dextrine Malt, Crystal 60

Hops: Tettnanger

IBU: 14