Der Alte Fritz

“In short, I think like Frederick, one should always be the first to attack.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Frederick The Great, nicknamed “Der Alte Fritz,” was arguably one of the foremost military geniuses of all time. Oft-studied and spoken highly of by even Napoleon, this ruler of Prussia was a conqueror on a scale that Europe had not seen, nor would see, for an age. With his military creativity and genius, he left humanity much more learned in the ever-changing Art of War.

Our humble homage to this battle commander of old is only produced during the fall season. The additions of chocolate malt and crystal malt, as well as rye malt, give this beer a distinctively complex malt character while maintaining both the subtle grainy spice that rye is prized for and the dry, husky robust grain character of a porter.

We call it a “dark rye brown,” as no other description has seemed to yet work. Enjoy.

Vital Statistics:

OG: 14 degrees Plato

ABV: 5.3%

Malts: American Two-Row, Crystal 60, Dextrine Malt, American Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Malted Rye

Hops: Warrior, Centennial, Zythos

IBU: 37